Sometimes it’s Just Worth the Cost….

by Tina

Today I had a doctor appointment scheduled for 9:40 AM.   When I made the appointment, I didn’t know that I would also have a client meeting including a mother and her son at 12:00 PM.  With the meeting location being between the doctor’s office and my house, I knew I needed to take everything with me for the meeting.  I did fairly well with that part in that I prepared most of what I needed to take last night.  One step in the right direction, huh?!

Then the morning dawned.  I was up in plenty of time to get ready for my doctor appointment as well as getting the few things together that I needed for the client meeting that weren’t packed last night.  When I was dressed and ready to go, I began gathering the few things needed and was out the door knowing I’d be a few minutes late…but not too bad. 

THEN as I was putting my key in the ignition, I realized I’d forgotten something.  I decided I could do without it, and it certainly wasn’t worth the time of my going back in to get it.  So off I go!  When I was about a mile from my house, just missing a green light at a traffic signal that takes FOREVER, I realized I’d forgotten something very important.  The thoughts were running rampant at this point:  Do I turn around and still try to make the doctor appointment?  Do I come home between my doctor appointment and the client meeting even though I need that time to prepare a bit more for the meeting?  UUUGGHHH!!!

Suddenly, my rational voice kicked in – yes, it does that at times:  “Tina, just cancel your doctor appointment, go home to get what you need, and finish preparing for the meeting in your office at home.  You won’t feel as rushed, and you will be able to show up for your client meeting without being in such a frazzled state.”  HMMM. 

This actually made sense to me.  Of course, there would be a cancellation fee, and money is certainly tight right now.  However, as I began to weigh the monetary cost of missing the appointment against the stress and craziness of trying to make both appointments, I realized that the monetary cost was well worth my cancellation.  (And as all of this thought process was going on, that traffic light never changed to green!)

So I turned around, called the Doctor’s office, and cancelled my appointment.  To my surprise, there had been another cancellation for tomorrow that I was able to take!  So, it all worked out so much better for me thanks to my stopping to weigh the odds.

Having ADD/ADHD, we often act without thinking things through first.  This can cause us to have states of major stress and overwhelm.  When we are able to stop and think about the options, which in situations as mine won’t take long for our speedy brains, we often come up with the best answer or solution for us.  Yes, there is a cost involved for my not being as prepared as needed; however, the “cost” I avoided by cancelling the doctor appointment would have been MUCH greater in terms of the condition of my mind, energy, and well-being than the monetary cost of the cancellation fee at the doctor office.

Try to remember to STOP and THINK things through before making rash decisions or any decisions for that matter.  This does take practice and is relatively new for me, but it is certainly worth it in the end.



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Lisa Culpepper

I SO feel frazzled a lot because my mind is going in a thousand directions at once. I hope to stop and think before I act more often! Thank you!!



You are very welcome, Lisa. It does help to stop and think before we act. That may sound quite elementary to some; however, whether one has ADD/ADHD or not, in today’s society I’d bet few can truly say they pause before reacting.

Thanks for reading!


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