by Tina

Have you ever reached a point of having so much to do that you literally couldn’t do anything?  Has overwhelm ever literally overtaken you?  If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, I certainly understand.

Many of us, especially those of us with ADD/ADHD, can reach a point of not being able to do anything when we don’t have a schedule or boundaries to use as guidance.  We see all that needs to be done and have trouble determining where to begin.  Often we spend so much time trying to decide what to do first that we become exhausted, which can result in our accomplishing very little.  At other times, we don’t give ourselves credit for the daily tasks we do that have become routine for us.

When someone becomes this overwhelmed, it is time to stop and come up with a plan.  Of course, I know that is much easier said than done.  In fact, one reason you’ve not seen this post sooner is due to my own overwhelm.  Yes, I’m admitting it; I’ve been in MUCH OVERWHELM lately.

My last post discussed to-do lists and schedules.  In that post, I mentioned a series of posts that would follow discussing how to create a plan or a schedule to be able to accomplish our many tasks.  Well, I found the idea was much more attractive than coming up with the action steps!  It’s taken some time for me to be able to focus on the steps necessary to come up with a plan/schedule to begin to get things done.  Why?  Because as I write these posts, I am establishing a plan for myself.

When you are employed by someone, you often have a schedule to follow even if it is merely set by deadlines versus a daily routine.  Believe it or not, this also helps the routine at home for getting things done.  However, working as an entrepreneur without employees leaves you without a definite schedule.  The only schedule you may have is set by your clients if you are selling services.  If you sell tangible products, you might have deadlines for items clients are purchasing or no deadlines at all due to the product needing to be produced before marketing can even be done…much less selling. 

Working from home causes even more distractions for an entrepreneur, which makes getting things done at work as well as at home next to impossible.  Having ADD/ADHD can make this quite the feat!  Reaching out for help to get things under control and to put a plan in place is the best answer when overwhelm invades to a great degree.

In coming up with the ideas for a series of blog posts, I took the approach of thinking of how, as an ADD/ADHD Life Coach, I’ve helped clients work through approaching tasks.  Now that I’ve put these steps on paper, the blog posts will follow more easily.  [Yes, I am still one of the paper and pen types; although, I am better than I was at one point.  At least my blog posts are done directly on my computer. :) ]

How do you manage your time?  Do you have a daily plan or schedule?  You will see the steps I take as I move forward with a plan of my own.  Please give input along the way.

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