by Tina

Do you ever have in mind the perfect holiday experience?  I have done this for as long as I can remember until recently.  Even though it took some time, I finally realized that I was completely ruining my holidays by setting such high expectations for each of them.  Now I begin with no expectations at all unless there are plans.  And even with planned events, I keep my expectations at a minimum.  In the end anything that happens which exceeds my expectations makes it extra special.

For example, a “perfect” 4th celebration for me would be having a gathering with family and friends.  We would cookout in the afternoon/evening and have lots of finger-foods/appetizers to graze over all day.  There would be drinks iced down for everyone…even the ones wanting a toddy or two. ;)  Of course, we would have homemade ice cream.  Everything would be in red, white, and blue decor in a large backyard including a patio with ceiling fans or just several fans set around.  We would eat, visit, and laugh throughout the day and end with fireworks either in a location we pick to do our own or at a public event.

Of course, I could try to get this “perfect” event planned ahead of time and carry it out, and maybe I will one day.  However, there are several reasons that it is not practical for me right now.  Even if I try to do some of these things without going overboard, which is what many of family and friends would say about this “picture” of mine, it still wouldn’t be “my perfect 4th.”  Yes, I drive a tough deal, but I know what I enjoy.

Since this idea of mine is out of reach for now, I approach the day with no expectations and hope for implementing some of my “perfect celebration” over time.  Maybe I’ll begin with the homemade ice cream this year!  YUMMY!

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Paula D'Andrea

Enjoy Your ‘perfect day’ Tina!


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